Beyond my own personal beliefs and experiences, this project has a strong foundation in research to fully understand the complex topic of reproductive justice and abortion rights. If you would like to gain a better understanding about the history of abortion, contraception, and reproductive issues; explore its contemporary climate and the conversations surrounding it; or discover groups and organizations who you can get involved with, I encourage you to review some of the resources below.
Witches, Midwives & Nurses: A History of Women Healers, by Barbra Ehrenreich & Deirdre English (1973)
Abortion: The Clash of Absolutes*, by Laurence H. Tribe (1992)
The Means of Reproduction*, by Michelle Goldberg (2009)
Women's PACS: Abortion and Election*, by Christine L. Day & Charles D. Hadley (2005)
Our Right to Choose: Toward a New Ethic of Abortion*, by Beverly Wildung Harrison (1983) 
Why I Am an Abortion Doctor*, by Suzanne T. Poppema, M.D. with Mike Henderson (1996)
Artist & Creative Projects 
On Abortion, by Laia Abril
Faces of the Fight, by Wendy Woodland Kent
4000 Years of Choice, by Heather Ault
Films, TV & Documentaries
Vessel, documentary by Diana Whitten
Trapped, documentary by Dawn Porter
The Handmaid's Tale, Hulu Original Series based on the novel by Margret Atwood
Birthright: A War Story*, documentary by Civiva Tamarkin & Luchina Fisher 
Stories Women Tell, HBO Documentary
Care in Chaos, Re.Wire Documentary
Articles, Blog posts & Essays
Crossing the Intersection of Immigration and Reproductive Justice, by Negar Esfandiari and Maddy McKeague, National Women's Health Network (May 2018)
What is Trump's Domestic Gag Rule?, Planned Parenthood Action Fund (May 2018)
Opinion - To Save Abortion Rights, We Have to Think Beyond Roe, by Lindy West, The New York Times (April 2018)
Self-Managed Abortion and Embodying the Principals of Reproductive Justice, by Marlene G. Fried & Susan Yanow, Re.Wire News (January 2018)
Nearly Dying in Childbirth: Why Preventable Complications are Growing in the U.S., Katherine Ellison and Nina Martin, NPR (December 2017)
Down Syndrome Families Divided Over Abortion Ban, Amy McCammon, NPR (December 2017)
I'm a Married Mom & I'm Getting an Abortion, by Wendy Robinson, Cafe Mom (June 2017)
Reproductive Justice, Not Just Rights, by Dorothy Rodgers, Dissent Magazine (2015) 
"Pregnant? Don't Wanna be? Call Jane.", Maya Dusenbery, Feministing (December 2017)
How Can Midwives Help Queer and Trans Families Feel Safe?, Kathryn Jezer-Morton, Jezebel (July 2017)
Supreme Court Takes On Case About Free Speech And Abortion, by Bill Chappell, NPR (November 2017)
In today's movement toward home abortions, echoes of past cultural battles, Jesica Mendoza, Christian Science Monitor (July 2017)
Being Anti-Choice is Anti-Science, by Caroline Reilly, Bitch Media (June 2017)
Why A Pro-Life World Has A Lot of Dead Women In It, by Jennifer Wright, Harper's Bazaar (June 2017)
My Grandmother’s Desperate Choice, by Kate Daloz, The New Yorker (May 2017)
7 Moms on Why They Had an Abortion, by Priscilla Blossom, Romper (January 2017)
Todd Akin and the Second Sex, by Judith Thurman, The New Yorker (August 2012)
This Is What a World Without Reproductive Rights Would Be Like, by Suez Taylor, Marie Claire (April 2016)
The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda, by Margaret Sanger, Birth Control Review (October 1921)
In Deep Red America, The Rise of the Abortion Doula, by Debbie Weingarten, BRIGHT Magazine (April 2017)
I Went To Planned Parenthood And All I Got Was An Abortion, by Courtney Parker West, Huffington Post (January 2017)
Oklahoma Lawmakers Want Men to Approve All Abortions, by Jordan Smith, The Intercept (February 2017)
6 Terrifying Facts About Life Before Roe v. Wade, by Karen Belz, Bustle (February 2017)
The Bad Old Days: Abortion in America Before Roe v. Wade, by David A. Grimes, Huffington Post (March 2015)
"Stealthing" Is Sexual Assault, Not A Sex Trend, by Lani Seelinger, Bustle (April 2017)
Birth Control: A Letter to the Young Women of 2017, by Lindsy Van Gelder, Allure (February 2017)
I'm Pregnant. I'm A Mom. I'm Also An Abortion Provider, by Pratima Gupta, Romper (April 2017)
Madame Restell: The Abortionist of Fifth Avenue, by Karen Abbot (November 2012)
The History of Abortifacients, by Stassa Edwards, Jezebel (November 2014) 
Herbs, Knots and Contraception, by Max Dashu, Surpressed Histories (2004)
The Speculum Finally Gets a Modern Redesign, by Arielle Pardes, Wired (October 2017)
Note: This page acts as a working document for me to keep track of the media and research I conduct throughout the duration of this project. Any title that has an asterisk (*) next to it means that I have not yet read/watched/listened to the resource, therefore I cannot recommend it or speak to its quality. 
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