Frequently Asked Questions
How long does a photo and video shoot take? One session will usually take about 1.5 - 2.5 hours. Time length usually depends on how much time the participant has, the amount of photos we take, and the downtime that we spend talking before or during the shoot.
Where are the photos and video shoots located?  The location of the photo and video shoot is determined by you. While most participants choose to meet at their home, we can meet at any place you feel most comfortable being photographed and interviewed at. 
How does a photo and video shoot work? We typically begin with taking photos using a large format film camera. This process is slow and only results in 5 - 8 portraits. With some downtime between pictures, we’ll have the chance to talk about your experiences before we start recording. 
The video process is very straightforward. We'll set up in a well-lit area with a digital camera and I’ll ask you to tell your story in 5 - 12 minutes. I won’t ask questions or prompt you during the recording, but we may reshoot the video if you want to change anything because I don’t edit the clips in post-production.  Although some of my participants have prepared notes ahead of time, most of them draw from memory and our conversation to craft their narrative. You can see video examples at
How these photos and videos be used? I hope to eventually exhibit the work in galleries, publish a book, and create an online video library that serves as a resource for people to learn about a wide range of reproductive experiences. Although I expect this work to primarily raise awareness rather than generate money, I plan to donate a portion of any proceeds raised to organizations that support reproductive healthcare access across the U.S. 
What does a participant get in exchange for their time and story? Once the images have been edited, I will print and mail one 8x10 inch portrait from our session, as well as email digital copies that can be use online (I just ask that image credit is included whenever possible). 
When planned in advance, I can also offer a short (20 - 30 minute) digital photo shoot for family portraits or professional headshots before or after the main project shoot. 
I know that many of my participants have busy schedules and families to care for, and I’m always happy to accommodate however possible. That could mean planning for extra time to take breaks, splitting the photo and video shoots into two sessions, working with children present, and more. Please let me know if you're concerned about other time commitments or obstacles while we're scheduling the shoot and I will make sure I remain flexible. 
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